Welcome to the 3rd Grade, Grayson.

Today you’re officially a 3rd grader. You were a bundle of nerves (even if you hid it from me) and a ball of excitement when you left this morning. You told me that you are big boy and didn’t need me to walk into class, and even though that was hard for me because in my mind you’re still a little boy, I dropped you off and let you venture into school all on your own. Today you’ll make new friends and reunite with old ones. You’ll begin to get to know your teacher. You will learn what your daily routine will be like over the next nine months.

Today I’m officially the mom of a 3rd grader. I was a bundle of nerves (even though I hid it from you) and a ball of excitement when you left this morning. I watched you get out of the car independent as can be. I saw how much you wanted to prove to me that you are a “grown up” now and watched you walk toward the school door. I saw how, even though you wanted to prove your maturity, you came back to the car window because you were unsure of where to go after breakfast.  Today I’ll think about the friends you are making, I’l will think about how your teacher will handle your little quirks. I’ll think about how you’re navigating your day. I’ll be relieved to not be asked for 2 meals and 2 snacks before 11 am, but will worry about you being hungry between breakfast and lunch. I’ll be thankful for the quiet, but will miss you not being here to hug and tell you I love you anytime I want. There will be several times that I stop myself from e-mailing your teacher to check on you, saving us both embarrassment of a helicopter mom.

Even though I will worry about you, just like every other parent is worrying about their children, I know you will be fine. You are smart and kind. I know you think we drove away before I saw you hold the door open for some adults leaving the school this morning. You are growing up into a handsome young gentleman. Too fast. It seems like yesterday you were taking your first steps and today you bounded into 3rd grade all on your own. And it will seem like tomorrow when I’m sending you off to college.


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